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ExperienceTop TierMid-MarketSmall Firm
Experience1st YearTop Tier130,000Mid-MarketUp to 130,000Small FirmVaries
Experience2nd YearTop Tier150,000Mid-MarketUp to 145,000Small Firm-
Experience3rd YearTop Tier175,000Mid-MarketUp to 160,000 Small Firm-
Experience4th YearTop Tier195,000Mid-MarketUp to 175,000 Small Firm-
Experience5th YearTop Tier215,000Mid-MarketUp to 195,000 Small Firm-
Experience6th YearTop Tier235,000Mid-MarketUp to 215,000Small Firm-
Experience7th YearTop Tier255,000Mid-MarketUp to 235,000Small Firm-

All salaries are CAD, and do not include annual bonuses (discretionary or otherwise).

  • Top Tier primary includes large regional and national firms in Toronto, but also may include leading specialist boutiques where compensation will commonly match their large firm counterparts. Top Tier does not include certain Toronto offices where certain associates may be compensated on a matching basis with their Calgary, Vancouver, or other international market pay scale.
  • Mid-Market can include regional firms, though may also include top firms in larger, secondary markets as well.
  • Small Firms can include smaller firms in all parts of Ontario, particularly where there may not be more than one associate per year of call within the firm. Compensation structures in smaller firms are often tailored to the individual, and base salary may form a smaller component of total compensation, where there may be bonuses for performance above thresholds (billable hours and/or revenue targets).

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