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Diversity & Inclusion in the Legal Profession

Lawyers know diversity matters. Every hire presents the opportunity to further enhance your organization’s diversity, improving your team’s breadth of perspective and experience, creating the opportunity for your team to better serve your client needs.

As part of our search efforts, Smith Legal Search works closely with our clients to ensure diversity and inclusion remain key considerations in making your next, best legal hire.

diverse team discussing work

How We Help Facilitate Diversity in the Workforce

We believe every law firm should have a unique and diverse culture that emphasizes independent thinking. Diversity and inclusion are two of the best ways to facilitate these two vital components of a thriving business. We do our part by presenting diverse candidates as part of our recruitment process with our clients.

We believe our clients should care about diversity and inclusion because:

Inclusion Improves Company Culture

Culture and morale are crucial to the success of any organization. Diversity and inclusion are fantastic ways enhance the breadth of your company culture, helping you to recruit and retain the best team possible.

Diversity Reflects Society as a Whole

Canada has a diverse population. You want your organization to reflect that diversity when your clients visit your office. By building a diverse and inclusive team, you have the opportunity to further enhance your team’s ability to embrace a broad spectrum of racial, religious, ethnic, and gender perspectives.

Diversity Improves Decision Making

Every choice matters in the legal profession. Diversity and inclusion can help drive sound decisions by bringing a broad swath of perspectives to the table and encouraging free thought. Firms that actively hire with diversity in mind deliver better results to their clients.

Inclusion Boosts Company Reputation

Our clients increasingly recognize the benefits of inclusion in their hiring practices. By maintaining an inclusive workplace, it enhances future recruitment efforts by broadening the range of candidates who will be attracted to your organization.

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